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Because many new users don’t understand the withdrawable balance system and they don’t realize that this system gives them the opportunity to earn more skins than on other similar websites, we decided to give up the old principle of operation of the website and implement a new one in the following days.

To do so, we decided to take the following steps:

  • We will give up the Lucky Wheel, as it offers too many coins for free in the long run and we cannot afford to make all these coins withdrawable. However, we will implement other similar methods to get free coins in the near future, and they will be instantly withdrawable.
  • There will be no more withdrawable and non-withdrawable balance. All coins obtained by an user will be withdrawable, regardless of the method by which they were obtained.
  • To make that possible, we will remove the non-withdrawable coins from each user’s balance. For example, if you have 1000 coins in your balance, of which 700 coins are withdrawable, you will be left with 700 coins, all of them withdrawable. Therefore, the number of coins you could withdraw before these changes WILL NOT be affected.
  • We will increase the number of coins obtained by completing offers by up to 80%.
  • We will change and reset the affiliates system, so each user will be able to use an affiliate code again.
  • Instead of offering 100 non-withdrawable coins to each new user, they will receive a reward in withdrawable coins, based on their steam level and games owned/played. The owner of the code will instantly receive a reward in withdrawable coins when someone uses his code, also based on the steam level of the user who used his affiliate code. The code owner will receive another reward each time an user brought to the website reaches level 2.
  • As we will increase the number of coins obtained by completing offers and we will add an instant reward when your code is used, we will decrease the percentage gained when an affiliate completes an offer for each affiliate level.
  • To withdraw skins from the website, the users must have at least one completed offer since they joined the website.
  • To make everything even more interesting, we will add some games of chance that will give you the opportunity to multiply the coins obtained on the website. These games will be against other users(e.g. coinflip/jackpot) or against the house, and can only be played using the coins obtained on the site, as you will not be able to deposit any skins from your inventory.

We hope that you will enjoy the new GATHERSKINS! :)