Read the chat rules before you write in the chat!

Terms and Conditions for

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using or any of its services. Your access to and use of any service provided by is conditioned by users acceptance and compliance with these Terms and with Our Privacy Policy. All Terms and conditions apply to all visitors and users of the and/or any of its partners and services.

1. General terms and conditions
1.a. When logging into visitors and users automatically accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of or any of its services.
1.b. It is the users' responsibility to setup their steam community page and profile and make sure that they are eligible for trading before logging into our website.
1.c. We reserve the right to delete any account that was inactive for more than 6 months.
1.d. You can only receive skins to the steam account you are logged in with. We won't send skins to other steam accounts if you are not eligible for trading for any reason(trade ban, VAC ban etc.).
1.e. Users will be banned from our website in the case of any chargebacks, without being able to withdraw their remaining coins.

2. Writing in the chat
2.a. Any user that logged into our website through steam can write in the chat.
2.b. Misinformation of other users regarding the terms and conditions of this website or of any partner websites is strictly forbidden.
2.c. You are not allowed to spam in the chat.
2.d. You are not allowed to share your affiliate code in the chat.
2.e. You are not allowed to share links/affiliate codes of other similar websites or mobile applications.
2.f. You are not allowed to share pornographic/sensitive links in the chat.
2.g. If you don't speak english, you can ask questions about the website in other languages. However, longer discussions in other languages than english are forbidden.
2.h. Racism and bullying are forbidden.
2.i. Disparagement of our website in the chat is not allowed. If you don't like our website, just stop using it.
2.j. You will be muted for the violation of any of this rules and we will delete your message.

3. Earning Coins and Withdrawals
3.a. If you logged into our website, you have the possibility of earning coins.
3.b. You must provide correct information to and its partners.
3.c. Any kind of IP-address manipulation while using this website or partner websites, such as VPN, Proxy, public Wi-Fi or hotspots is not allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.
3.d. After you earned enough coins, you will be able to use the shop and withdraw one or more items.
3.e. It's your responsability to select the skin you want correctly.
3.f. You can earn more coins by using our mini-games(eg. Lucky Wheel) or by using promo codes/affiliate codes. These coins should be seen as bonus coins to the coins you earned by completing offers and you may use them to withdraw only if you have enough withdrawable coins.
3.g. To calculate your withdrawable balance, we use the following formula: 2x(Coins Earned by completing offers) + (Coins Earned using our affiliate system) - (Coins withdrawn). As you can see, the coins you earn by completing offer from our partners will count twice to your withdrawable balance, the coins earned using the affiliates system will only count once, while other coins do not count at all and you may only withdraw them if you increase your withdrawable balance by completing offers.
3.h. It's your responsability to make sure that your steam account is eligible for trading before using our website and we won't refund any user in these cases.

4. Giveaways and contests
4.a. Any user that logged into our website through steam can participate in our giveaways and contest. However, we may add more requirements, like having a higher level on our website.
4.b. Banned users will be excluded from our giveaways/contests.
4.c. If you won a giveaway/contest, you must contact us at and claim your prize within 24 hours after the giveaway/contest is finished. We won't send any prize if you didn't claim it in this interval.
4.d. We reserve the right to exclude you from our giveaways/contests at any time.

* For any question, feel free to send us an email at, or read the FAQ from Help Section.
* You can always ask the questions you have in the chat. However, we are not responsible for any misinformation received from other users.